Release date June 23, 2017
Available in digital, cd and vinyl formats.


Album Title: MOSAIC

Story Behind the Album Title:
Nick Hexum: “We wanted a title that pointed to our collective nature. Something that referred to the eclectic style of our music and the bond between the band members and our fans – and this title really captures that.”

Chad Sexton: “We wanted to include our fanbase in the concept of this record. We have a very symbiotic relationship with our fans that see us year after year. We wanted to find a word or phrase that would describe our fan base, our band, and our music. And to tie all of this into a concept that could be presented in the album artwork as well. Where we landed was perfect….MOSAIC. As one definition states: “a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole.” We feel this word can accurately describe our band, music and fan base together. For us it’s still a celebration. For the simple fact that if people have different sets of ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes, and are able to get along and come together over the one bond they share (music) – there is no satisfaction like the joy experienced when this happens. It’s a celebration over the triumph of differences. And it’s the concept we’ve been presenting our entire 27 year journey – UNITY.”

How Many Songs on MOSAIC: 17

Why 17 Songs?:
Chad Sexton: “We know the trend these days is to release shorter albums or even just singles – but this album is dedicated to our longtime fans and we wanted to give them everything. The album is 17 songs that we’re really proud of – and that really capture the musical range of 311. When I was mixing the album there were several moments that really reminded me of Transistor. This new album definitely takes some steps forward into more modern territory – but there are distinct reminders of where we come from in the songs. Something about blending an older 311 style with a newer 311 style is really exciting to us – and I think it will be exciting for the fans too.”

Album Cover:
http://www.311AlbumArt.com/ (a high-rez graphic, where you can pan and zoom).

Story Behind the Album Cover:
The album cover for 311’s new album MOSAIC was created using nearly 10,000 photos of 311 fans / submitted by 311 fans. Even the image of the 5 band members on the cover – is made up of tiny fan photos – really bringing home the concept of “band and fans as one.” Visit www.311AlbumArt.com to view a much higher-resolution pan & zoom mosaic – where you can zoom in & pan around the album cover to see the nearly 10,000 fan photos that make up the album cover image. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Together we have created something really cool that shows the bond between the band and their fan family!

1. Too Much To Think
2. Wildfire
3. The Night Is Young
4. Island Sun
5. Perfect Mistake
6. Extension
7. Inside Our Home
8. ’Til The City’s On Fire
9. Too Late
10. Hey Yo
11. Places That The Mind Goes
12. Face In The Wind
13. Forever Now
14. Days of ’88
15. One And The Same
16. Syntax Error
17. On A Roll

Song Descriptions:
Track by track descriptions by singer/guitarist Nick Hexum.

Release Date: June 23, 2017


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New Songs:

“Too Much To Think” official video
“Too Much To Think” lyric video
“Til The City’s On Fire” official video
“Too Late”
“Too Late” live footage debut
“Perfect Mistake”

THE MAKING OF MOSAIC (Behind the Scenes Videos)

Part 1
Part 2
Behind the Scenes of ‘Too Much To Think’


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