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***Please do not contact the below for band autograph requests***
311 Management: Yonnie McKeever & Peter Raspler
311 Record Label: Independent
311 Booking Agent: Andrew Simon,
311 Publicist: Alena Joyiens,
311 Website: Joan O’Reilly,

Band Equipment

Beyer-Dynamic Microphones
Boomerang Loop Sampler
Boss Pedals
Diamond Amplifers
Dunlop Pics
Electro-Harmonix Pedals
Ernie Ball Strings
GHS Strings
Gibson Guitars
Godin Acoustic Guitars
Gretsch Guitars
Grip Peddler
Hellborg Bass Amps & Cabs
Line 6 Pedals
Breedlove Acoustic Guitars
Maxon Pedals
Mesa Boogie amps
Moog Music
Ovation Acoustic Guitars
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Pearl Drums & Hardware
Planet Wave Cables
Rane Mixers
Remo Drum Heads
Rivera Amps
Rocktron Effects
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Solid Cables
Taylor Acoustic Guitars
Technic Turntables
Warwick Basses
Westone Ear Plugs
Sabian Cymbals
Vater Percussion

311 Fansites

Jenn’s 311 Radio