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Gear List below.

Pearl Drums & Percussion. Pearl Masterworks Drumset.
Rack Toms: 6 6.5, 8×7, 10×8, 12×8, 13×9
Floor Toms: 14×14, 16×16
Gong Drum: 18×14
Rocket Toms: 6×12, 6×15, 6×18,6×21
Kick Drum: 22×16
Snares: 14×5.5 Beaded Steel Sensitone Snare


Pearl Hardware & Pedals.


Hi-Hats:15″ Artisian
Crashes:, 18″ & 20″ HH Evolution O-Zone Crashes. 18″ & 20″ AAX O-Zone Crashes
Ride: 22″ Raw Bell Ride
Specialty: Evolution Splashes, AAX Splashes, 12″ Chopper, 7″ Vault Radia Nano Hats


Tom Heads Top – Remo Black Suede Ambassador
Tom Heads Bottom – Remo Clear Ambassador
Snare head – Remo Smooth White Coated Ambassador
Bass Drum Batter Head -Remo Coated P4
Bass Drum Front Head – Remo Fibreskyn 2
Rocket Toms – Remo Control Sound Clear Black Dot


Vater Chad Sexton Custom Sticks.


Chad Sexton – Pearl Drums Artist Page:
Chad Sexton ‘Stereolithic’ Tour Kit:
Chad Sexton Vater Stick video:
Chad Sexton / Modern Drummer Interview (Nov 2017):

(Above Equipment List last updated: April 2017)

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