Greatest Hits
  • New single “First Straw” hits radio on May 31st!
    New album “Greatest Hits ’93 – ’03, hits stores June 8th!!

    On June 8, 311 will release a “Greatest Hits” CD with songs from 1993 – 2003 plus TWO BRAND NEW SONGS!! The Greatest Hits album includes fourteen 311 classics plus the current #1 hit “Love Song” and two previously unreleased new tracks, “How Do You Feel” and “First Straw”. “How Do You Feel” is a high energy rap-rocker with a soaring chorus and “First Straw” is melodic/funky summertime reggae at its finest. Both of the new songs were produced by David Kahne (Sublime, Fishbone, Paul McCartney, etc). The album also includes a brand new mix of the song “Homebrew”, mixed by Chad Sexton at the Hive. Chad has always wanted to remix “Homebrew” and the Greatest Hits album provided the perfect opportunity. The results are rockin! In addition, all the songs on the album were remastered by Joe Gastwirt at Joe’s Mastering Joint. The songs sound better than ever! This is truly a classic 311 collection that defines 11 years of 311. Here’s to 11 more!!!

    New Songs / Sneak Listen!!

    “First Straw” streaming clip (It’s Here!*)
    “How Do You Feel?” streaming clip (It’s Here!*)
    * streaming from our new hits radio player.

    Song Listing:

    1 ) Down (from 311)
    2 ) Flowing (from Soundsystem)
    3 ) All Mixed Up (from 311)
    4 ) Amber (from From Chaos)
    5 ) Come Original (from Soundsystem)
    6 ) Beautiful Disaster (from Transistor)
    7 ) Creatures (For A While) (from Evolver)
    8 ) Do You Right (from Music)
    9 ) I’ll Be Here Awhile (from From Chaos)
    10 ) You Wouldnít Believe (from From Chaos)
    11 ) Transistor (from Transistor)
    12 ) Don’t Stay Home (from 311)
    13 ) Homebrew (from Grassroots)
    14 ) Beyond the Gray Sky (from Evolver)
    15 ) Love Song (new)
    16 ) How Do You Feel? (new)
    17 ) First Straw (new)

    Special Retail Offer:

    The 311 Greatest Hits album will of course be available at all major record stores (Tower, Best Buy, Target, etc, etc). There will also be a limited edition 7″ vinyl record (special clear vinyl) with remixes of “I’ll Be Here Awhile” and “All Mixed Up” offered to fans for free with the purchase of the Greatest Hits cd at select independent retailers. Here is a link to the list of the independent retailers, who will carry this special, limited remix cd.
    Good luck.

    For those that don’t have an independent retailer in their area selling the limited edition 311 remix vinyl album, call    1-800-575-5525 and order the 311 Greatest Hits cd and you’ll get the vinyl album for free.

    311 Greatest Hits Out June 8!!

    Words from P-Nut:

    Wow, eleven years of recording, pretty amazing, this collection is like a scrapbook of songs that we’ve created. I know that I had fun listening to it driving around Los Angeles. The development of the band has been great to witness from the inside, but it’s nice to hear the music together in a tight package. Thanks to all the fans who allowed us to exist and grow, our longevity has been our greatest acheivement. Look for us to continue to create musick that moves the mind, soul and spirit. And this summer tour is going to be nothing short of amazing, because of the talent that is coming with us, and our need to get back in front of you. Musick is my religion.

    Words from Chad:

    I just wanted to say thanks to the fans! I really believe that all of you have helped us accomplish great things. When I first thought of the Greatest Hits package I thought of it as a contractual obligation that we owed the record label. But as the project developed, I realized all that we’ve accomplished so far. Even though I’ve been here, a part of this band – playing, recording, and listening to all these songs …I have never heard all of our singles at the same time, in one sitting. As I was listening from song to song at the mastering studio, I had memories of where I was at the time that those songs were on the radio. My brain was booming with thoughts, scenes and memories from the past. All of them good. I hope our music affects you in the same positive way it affects me. A big Thank You to all who have helped us come this far!

    Words from Tim:

    “Thanks for a decade of livin’ and rockin’ with my friends.”

    Words from Nick:

    Putting together our Greatest Hits album was a fun experience. First, we had to choose the criteria. Was this a “best of” or a “greatest hits.” There’s a big difference. “Best of” is entirely subjective and it would be impossible to agree on out “best” songs ever. We decided to go by chart success. With a couple bonuses. I’m real happy with our two new songs “First Straw” and “How Do You Feel?” They represent the north and south poles of our sound. “How Do You Feel?” is balls-to-the-wall hard rock with a funk breakdown bridge that might make James Brown make that same crazy grin he made when he pulled Chad on stage to dance with his back up singers in Japan. But I digress. “First Straw” is pure summer fun. I thought it was funky reggae with a touch of Beach Boys, but genius producer David Kahne said the chord changes were Motown-ish. That’s a new ingredient for 311! Hope ya dig it. See ya this summer.

    Words from SA:

    Missy! Well, 10 years has come and gone. Remember when we were just freshman and I was wearing what I was wearing and you were wearing what you were wearing? Remember? REMEMBER!! And you were like, “that outfit is soooooooo cuuuuuuute omigod!!” and I was all like, “nooooo waaaaay, what you have on is sooooooo slammin!!” And that one party we went to was soooo tight omigod! I swear that was sooooo FUN!!!! We got sooo wasted 2gether!!!! And we jammed, I mean WE JAMMED, so effing hard 2 that 1 song by that 1 band, I think it was Good Charlotte, GOD!!!!! They r soooo effing HOT!! And that time my stoner jerk brother said my prom dress looked like easter egg vomit so we sold his 311 collection on ebay? HIGH 5!!!! Best friends 4ever! K.I.T.

    Thanks for your support of 311. See you at the summer shows!

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