• On July 22, 2003 – 311’s new album, Evolver, (the band’s seventh studio album), will be released!! Recorded at the band’s own Hive Studios in Los Angeles with producer Ron Saint Germain, Evolver features 11 amazing songs – from full-out rockers to melodic gems; all of it is classic 311 for the year 2003. Click here for the Evolver Bio


    Evolver’s first radio single, “Creatures (For A While)”, has now been released to radio nationwide!! Call your local station to request it! Click here to find your Radio Station Request Line.


    1. Creatures (For A While)
    2. Reconsider Everything
    3. Crack the Code
    4. Same Mistake Twice
    5. Beyond the Gray Sky
    6. Seems Uncertain
    7. Still Dreaming
    8. Give Me a Call
    9. Don’t Dwell
    10. Other Side of Things
    11. Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm

    (The songs What Do You Do and Time Is Precious are outtakes from the recording session, to be considered for release at a later time).


    Evolver is a special enhanced CD including exclusive interviews with all the 311 band members and a documentary on the making of the album cover and the Evolution of Evolver!!


    “After 14 years together as a band, I think we’ve really grown and evolved as people, musicians and songwriters. And we feel like our fans (and music lovers in general) have evolved right along with us. These days people just seem to be more open-minded to hybrid forms of music. We’ve always loved mixing rock, rap, reggae, funk, jazz, etc…because we love all types of music – and I know we’re not alone. The new album will have plenty of classic 311 rockers – but as we take another step forward in the evolution of 311 – the record also branches out into some new territory. All of this led us to the title “Evolver” (along with a love for the Beatles album “Revolver”). We think it suits the album perfectly. We’re all really excited about the new songs and we can’t wait to share them with you.”


    The album cover concept and photography were done by the band’s longtime friend, Ron Ulicny. Ron explains, “I wanted to project 311 in a different light; for them to be seen from a new perspective. My inspiration really comes from band’s I dig from the ’60’s and ’70’s (Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd), and an appreciation of the album artwork they created. I wanted to take a risk with an ambitious project that reflects more of an art piece, which goes beyond most of today’s album covers. I thought this photo concept would fit the band well and still present them in a cool way.”


    The recording of this album has taken a while, this is true, but the proof is in the pudding. We are all very excited with all the songs, which are a bit more ambitious than normal; meaning they are a little longer, cover more emotional space, and are going to be fun to play and witness. The really cool thing about having one’s own studio is you can mix and record at the same time. We did these songs in batches, so no one person had to do all their stuff in sequence. So, that means we had some songs that were ready to mix before we recorded the last few songs. And that being said, we listened to half of the album while still putting together the final touches on the ones that were left. Very good for gettting energy on the last tracks. I can only imagine how much a 311 fan is going to appreciate this work that we’ve done. It’s that good/great. See you on the road this summer. Be good be god,



    We are confident we are taking a huge step forward. Hmm… what does that mean? A step forward towards hard ass rock? A step towards beautiful harmonies? Dope beats? Funky basslines? Soaring guitar solos? Heartfelt mellow moments? Yes! Yes to all! Yes to life!! Yes to music!
    We realized that in order to keep the quality up, we had to take our time. Especially when you consider how many albums we’ve put out in a decade. But the good news: we have done some of our best work ever! Now that we have our own top of the line mixing board, the sounds we’ve been getting are awesome. Song wise we’ve got some tunes that feel like real breakthroughs. I’ve always wanted to combine the melody of some of our mellower stuff with the power and tempo that gets the crowd jumping. We’ve definitely achieved that on a few songs. A few songs are straight up rockers, there’s a little dub and dancehall, and there’s a couple of lo-fi acoustic numbers too. As usual with 311, diversity.


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